Friday, February 8, 2008

It's Friday night...

Amanda's birthday party starts soon. But I'm still at work and have some more stuff to finish up so I'm going to make this short.

It's been one of those days - you know, when you look up and it's 4 p.m. and you haven't eaten? So now it's 7, I still have another 30 minutes of work at least and I'm drinking a beer out of my boss' fridge. Speaking of his fridge, must not forget to take Typhoid vaccine (in pill form) out of there before I leave. But how to keep cold until I go home tonight? hmmm.

Shots weren't too bad. I've discovered in the past couple of years that in order to not focus on how much the needle hurts, I pinch myself - generally in the soft fleshy part of my inner thigh or inner upper arm. You'd be surprised at how little you feel the needle when you're controlling pain to another part of your body. Weird, I know -- but try it next time. I think I started when some doctor said the needle feels just like a pinch. So I tried to recreate it and you can actually pinch yourself pretty hard and not be too bothered. Oh, and this isn't like grabbing an inch of skin and pinching -- just grab a teeny bit. Try it! Feels kind of like a shot, yeah? But not so bad because you're doing it yourself. All right, I'm probably officially weirding you out. Anyway, this method has come (and will come) in handy this week since I had 3 shots on Monday and will have at least 2 more this coming Monday as well.

Have decided to go with Doxycycline for malaria prevention. There's just no way I can do $900 dollars by going on Malarone at 8 bucks a pill. Doxycycline is about 18 bucks per 50 pills. Unfortunately, its side effects include photo-sensitivity (sunburn easily), heartburn (don't lie down within 2 hours of taking it), nausea, and... ick... yeast infections. I asked the doctor if she meant a yeast infection when you first start taking it (because that's not too bad). No, she said, you could have one the entire time. Fun! (::adding cranberry pills to list::). Problem is, much like penicillin (which has the same side effect), doxycycline is an anti-biotic that wipes out all that pesky bacteria. I'm sure the women know this, but guys (if I haven't already lost you, because God knows you probably don't want to know anything that goes on below our belt unless it has to do with you - ew! girls are grody!), there are also good types of bacteria. And when ALL the bacteria is gone, there's nobody left to fight off the real bad guys like those yeast jerks. So... awesome.


Packing of the apartment is going along. A broker (::gag::) came by on Tuesday with a young woman. She measured my apartment while I was getting ready to go out. Quietly, she asked what the apartment was going for. I perked up my ears and heard the broker say it was going for (300 dollars more than I pay) per month!!! Holy CRAP. Maybe I should keep my shoebox...

Last Friday my toilet stopped flushing so the Super stopped by while I was at work. The next day I couldn't figure out where in the world all the folded-up empty boxes I'd brought home the day before had gotten to. Here I was planning to spend the day packing, but I no longer had any boxes. Then I realized that the Super had probably thought they were garbage and taken them down to the trash. So that was a bit of setback.

I'm going to have to really get in gear this weekend as next weekend I'm going home with a small crew of folks who have expressed interest at one time or another in visiting my hometown. Should be a good time. Can't wait to take them to The Jukebox. Grannies be gittin down to Fiddy there. It's amazing!

Need to purchase trip insurance immediately.

Okay. So much for short post.

Happy Friday!

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