Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Does anyone else find it funny...

...That the Indian Consulate has outsourced their visa applications service?

I dropped off my passport and materials on Monday a.m. Visa was supposed to be ready Tuesday afternoon. According to website, it's still with the Consulate instead of with the out-sourcing people. I'm starting to panic a little. I just called, they still don't have it. "Try back at 5:30. We're working on a batch that was returned from the consulate now."

Had my final round of shots today.

Picking up malaria meds this evening.

Tried back at 5:30 -- nothing. It looks like unless I can sprint through the China Embassy on Friday, I might end up having to get my stupid Chinese visa in Bangkok. Awesome.

Tick tick tick...

Truck is booked.

Storage space is booked.

Gak! Where is the time going?

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