Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Some progress made.

I emailed my mother just before Christmas that I wanted to quit my job and travel for 3 months. I got no response. Then, the day before Christmas Eve, we were out shopping when she casually asked, "So who would take care of your dependents (cats) while you're traveling?"

"So you got my email?"


And that was that.

There have been no discussions.

Then last week I realized my brother, Owen, was graduating from college in mid-May. I wrote my mother a rather, admittedly, histrionic email:

I wanted to take my trip but I didn't remember that Owen graduates in mid-may. I don't think I want to quit my job for just a 2 month trek. I wanted to do 4 months originally but Erin's wedding made me knock it down to 3.5 Now, with O's graduation, that's another 1.5 months gone.I'm never going to do anything interesting with my life.

She wrote back:

I'm sure Owen would understand if you are out of the country. Don't be so dramatic...

So... I guess that's parental support?

Nothing from the patriarch yet....

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