Thursday, January 24, 2008

I'm the worst travel blogger so far...

But it is confirmed I will be a travel blogger!

Yup. I was hoping my company would persuade me to stay. Offer me a hot position. NOPE.

In fact, they offered me an entry-level position as department assistant - basically a paid intern. Uh huh, after over a decade in television, I was offered a position that paid about 15 grand less than I make now, plus a demotion. They said they'd like it if I could continue working on the stuff I do now plus the departmental assistant stuff. Sorry no. If you want to demote me and take away 15 grand... you're not getting more work out of me.

To be fair, this was HR's decision, not my manager or my manager's boss, whom I met with about this transition. He felt it was a sucky offer as well, considering all I've done for this channel. When I turned it down, he said I was making the right decision and that he'd help me find something new. I have heard this line before but I hope he can make good on it.

So. I guess that's that. Decision made. Trip is a go.

Holy crap, I'm suddenly very nervous.

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