Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Well hello there...

Been a long time. Some new things are afoot... maybe.

I applied for a Film and Media program in Mumbai.

I got accepted yesterday.

Now, I have to decide (and soon):

a) Can/Should I go?

and if so....

b) March or April?

Someone wrote on my Facebook - which would you regret more: spending the money or missing the opportunity.


Merna said...

hi Mo Pitz!!! We named you and we give blessings to GO GO!!! What an interesting opportunity! Bryna is here to my right feeding Ryann who (by the by) reminds me of Bryna as an infant! I am writing my Christmas letter to J and J and am digesting your NYC life and dreams. We always wish you the very best in whatever and we would love to know that you are happy! Love, Merna

pixel pitz said...

Hi Merna!

Funny, I hadn't checked back here and only just now saw your comment.

As it turns out, the school doesn't seem like such a good idea. The day after I wrote this,I got to visit the set of a Hindi movie shooting here in NYC and met some interesting folks -- one of whom is a huge cinematographer in Mumbai (has worked on most of the big blockbusters and with the biggest stars and directors - most recently on "My Name is Khan" which is out now in the US). He wrote to me that he felt the program was a waste of time and money. So that's that. But the primary reason I wanted to do this program was for networking and also to have a set date to go back. Seems to me I've made a new penpal and don't need to spend the money on the program in order to network. So now... I may just go back and network on my own.