Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I'm a mess.

Just back from 3 days in the jungle in Northern Thailand and I am covered in mosquito bites and some sort of hive situation. Prickly heat? I have no idea. It's terribly itchy.

But the real issue is that my tummy is still bad after 1 month and before I left Bangkok I popped onto a scale in a pharmacy but as I don't know the kilogram to pound ratio, I didn't bother worrying about it. However, I found the jungle trek extremely taxing and after only a few steep hills I was wiped out, my legs were shaking. By the end of the second day, I took one step onto a wooden log over a stream, my leg wobbled under my weight and in I went. Saved my camera at the expense of my elbow, but what I was more worried about was why I had so little energy. Why was I shaking? Where was my balance -- all that ballet for naught?

At dinner, I asked if anyone knew the ratio of pounds to kilograms. One of the boys pulled out some sort of guide. 1 kilogram equals 2.2 pounds. Which means I've lost somewhere in the neighborhood of eight to ten pounds since leaving the US. I remember weighing about 120 before I left but I might have weighed a little less before leaving because I was having a hard time eating due to nerves that last week or so.

I think I've been eating a lot... but now I'm wondering if it's not getting processed correctly. Or I'm sweating it out. Or I'm not eating as much as I think I am. But it certainly explains why I am so tired. So I guess it's off to the doctor either here in Chiang Mai or when I get back to Bangkok on Friday - for the tummy -- hopefully this skin thing will clear up shortly. In the meantime, will probably try to take it easy and eat well tonight.

Nepal posts coming soon...


Phil said...

Hey Mo,
Thanks for the post on my blog :)
Glad to be off some assistance. Just had a look at your own page there, looks like there is alot of reading ahead of me. I see that you are in chiang mai, I am also here so if you see a lost irish lad stuck in a bowl of phad thai, please do say hello :)

Hope ya get well soon,

pixel pitz said...

Well Phil, there are four Irish lads here from Clare I've been hanging out with, so you should swing by BMP resident (Backpacker Meeting Place) or something) on Rajchiangsean Rd --053208822

Phil said...


I am still in chiang mai - just finished my cooking course. My style was described as unique yet very funny, I am happy with that. Reckon gordon ramsey can rest well!! I am meeting some people in the un irish bar at 8 tonight. Maybe ye could come up that far - if not I could bring the others down to the backpackers place, if and when we find it.... I have a thai phone but cannay find its number...

talk to you then,