Friday, March 14, 2008

Palolem - Day 2-4

Rose on the later side and stepped out the door and down the steps to sit and have coffee and breakfast. And omlet and mango lassi. Really enjoying the lassi drinks.
Andy brought out a blanket and we moved to the beach for reading and relaxing... and eventually swimming. It was so warm and the waves were wonderful although i quickly learned that my swimsuit isn't so great for body-surfing.

Lunchtime, we tried a new beach bar and then took a walk down the beach. Stopped to watch some cricketeers and Andy persuaded them to let me give it a try. My dreams of being a natural cricket genius player went unrealized. I suck. The boys were very nice but before they could get annoyed with me, I let them continue with their game.


Andy and I decided to check out the end of the island where there were some very pretty huts overlooking the sea. A boy led us to some vacant ones, but they turned out to be not so nice -- and with a view of a trash pile. We started to wander back when we realized the sun was setting and we were in prime sunset viewing territory. We got a couple of beers from a nearby restaurant (as long as we brought the bottles back) and headed towards the end of the peninsula. I know peninsula is not the right word but Andy is being unhelpful in remembering the proper name. He just says "cliff."


The sunset was typically Goan (or maybe Indian) as it disappeared into the clouds before it was all the way to the horizon. But it was still pretty spectacular.

Dinner was a lovely red snapper with more bar dogs by our side.

Next morning, rose early for dolphin-watching trip. Andy arranged it with a local and after a quick breakfast (I poured my coffee into an empty water bottle to take with me -mmmm) we headed out. "Look at all the dogs that washed up with the tide," I joked, motioning at all the dogs sprawled out near last night's water line. Our dolphin-watching guides were real chit-chatters. I think the most they said to us was, "There. There. There," as they pointed out dolphins. We thnk the dolphins were union workers. They surfaced occasionally and one did a half-hearted "leap" -- I guess to fulfill their quota. Oh well, it was only 5 bucks for the both of us.

"Are you happy?" the guides asked us? "Sure." And we headed back. By the way, "Are you happy? Yes. Then I am happy." exchange happens quite frequently here.


Lay out on the beach next and then I rented boogie boards. I was quite the "dudette" as Andy labeled me. I rode every wave all the way in, beaching myself on the sand. Eventually went for lunch and then decided to walk into town to figure out the train situation to Hampi. On the way back we watched as some cows stood in the middle of the road while large trucks, mopeds and cars swerved around them while they chewed their cuds contentedly. So, cows are sacred... but you can't MOVE THEM FROM THE ROAD?


We rickshawed it back to the beach, did a little shopping, watched a guy from the States "bargue" with some locals to sell his belt, which was pretty entertaining -- seeing the tables turned, and went to dinner. Pizza! It wasn't too bad. We smoked a hookah and headed in early for the night as the train was at 6:15 a.m. Ouch.


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